The District Board of Directors shall be officially installed by the official representative of Optimist International the first quarter District meeting
    The District Board of Directors shall meet quarterly at such time and place as may be determined by the Board of Directors. The first quarter meeting shall be held not later than November 30, second quarter meeting shall be held in the month of February, third quarter meeting shall be held in the month of May, and the fourth quarter meeting shall be held in conjunction with the annual District Convention.
    Notice of all meetings of the District Board of Directors shall be sent by the District Secretary-Treasurer, at least thirty days prior to said meetings, to all members of the Board, with an agenda prepared by the Governor. Board meetings shall be budgeted and conducted under Accounts 130 and 360 and operated on a break-even basis. Costs of any meals and gratuities may be collected by the Secretary-Treasurer or his/her designate. (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 3F)
  3. District executive committee meetings (accounts 192 and 492)
    The District Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly at the time, place and immediately prior to meetings of the District Board of Directors or at the call of the governor or a majority of the members of the Executive Committee (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 3C)
  4. Executive Committee – powers and duties
    Pursuant to the International Bylaws, and limitations herein, and excepting those functions and responsibilities specifically assigned to the Board of Directors by the Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall, for purposes of expediency and efficiency, delegate its powers and authority to the District Executive. (O.I. Bylaws VII, Section 3C)
  5. district officers lapel insignia (account 400)
    The District administration shall provide official lapel insignia for all District Officers to be presented at the time of their installation and such insignia shall be returned to the District Secretary-Treasurer at the end of the administrative year. The District also shall purchase and present past officers insignia to the retiring Governor, Lieutenant-Governors and Secretary-Treasurer. The recipients and identification of insignia shall be as follows:
    1. Governor’s insignia with diamond
    2. Past Governor’s insignia with diamond
    3. Governor-Elect insignia with diamond
    4. Lieutenant-Governor’s insignia
    5. Past Lieutenant-Governor’s insignia
    6. Distinguished Past Lieutenant-Governor’s insignia with diamond
    7. Secretary-Treasurer’s insignia with diamond
    8. Past Secretary-Treasurer’s insignia with diamond
    Current District shall return their pins to the District Secretary-Treasurer by noon luncheon of the District Convention or forfeit $40.00 from their budgets.
  6. Minutes of meetings
    It shall be the responsibility of the District Secretary-Treasurer to keep true and correct minutes of all meetings of the District Executive Committee, the District Board of Directors, and the annual District Convention. A copy of such minutes shall be sent to members of the District Board of Directors, Optimist International, the Lieutenant-Governors, District Chairs, Past Governors and such others as the Board of Directors may indicate, not later than thirty days after the adjournment of each such meeting or Convention.
  7. establishment of zones
    The number and boundaries of zones, for any administrative year, if subject to revision, shall be determined by the Board of Directors at its meeting held in the third quarter of the preceding year to accommodate the selection of Lieutenant-Governors to serve during the next administrative year. No zone should have more than 10 or less than four (4) clubs. New clubs shall be assigned to a zone by the Governor for the current administrative year. The planning of boundaries of zones for the next administrative year, if subject to revision, shall be made by the Governor–Elect and the two immediate Past Governors.
  8. Zone Meetings
    Each Lieutenant-Governor shall be responsible for the conduct of a zone meeting in each quarter of the administrative year (prior to the four District Quarter Board Meetings if possible) and notice of such meetings shall be sent to the President and Secretary of each club in the zone not less than 30 days prior to the meeting.
    The Lieutenant-Governor shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of each zone meeting program and the completion and filing of a report on each meeting on the form provided by Optimist International. Zones are not legislative bodies. Minutes are inappropriate and not required.
  9. District directory
    Each District administration may publish, at the earliest possible date, a District Directory. The directory shall contain names, addresses and telephone numbers of all District Officers, District Committee Chairs, Club Presidents and Secretary-Treasurers, Past Governors and International Officers. When feasible and practical, the directory shall also include all District policies and the dates and locations of all District meetings and conferences of the administrative year.
  10. District achievement and awards program
    The District may budget, maintain and conduct an annual Achievement and Awards Program which shall be prepared and evaluated by the Chair of Achievement and Awards with the collaboration of the Governor, Governor-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and through consultation with their predecessors, and which shall be presented to the District Board of Directors for final approval at its first quarter meeting. It shall be the responsibility of the District administration to promote and encourage participation in both District and International Achievement and Awards programs.
    Under the official rules, clubs shall submit entries in the District Community Project Awards competition for evaluation by the District Awards Jury prior to September 30. The District Activities Chair will serve as Chair of the District Awards Jury and shall be appointed by the Governor. The Chair shall be responsible for selecting and notifying the District where and when this competition is to take place.
  11. District achievement and awards appeal and protests
    Any appeal or protest of the final published standings of clubs or individuals in the District Achievement and Awards program, to be considered, must be in the hands of the District Secretary-Treasurer not later than 30 days following publication of the standings. The District Executive Committee shall have the power and authority to review and adjudicate any such appeal or protest and its decisions will be final. To be eligible to receive any award or recognition, all financial obligations of a club to the District and to Optimist International shall have been met by the annual District Convention.
  12. District bulletin (Account 330)
    The District administration may publish a District bulletin under the direction of the Governor and edited by the District Bulletin Editor (or District Publicity Chair) appointed by the Governor. Costs, publication frequency and distribution shall be established by the District administration from year to year according to the budgetary provisions and available funds. As a minimum, the bulletin shall be sent to all Past District Governors, District Officers, District Committee Chairs, Club Presidents and Secretary-Treasurers, and Optimist International.
  13. District quarter boards (accounts 130 and 360)
    District Quarter Boards shall be planned and conducted by the District administration, at the time and place of the quarterly meetings of the District Board of Directors in the first, second, and third quarters. Such Quarter Boards shall invite and encourage the attendance of Club Officers and Committee Chairs, District Officers and District Committee Chairs, and all members who will benefit from attendance at these Quarter Boards.
  14. District convention
    The District Convention shall be held annually between the dates of August 1 and September 30, said dates to be established by the Board of Directors at the recommendation of the District Convention Committee. The Convention city may be determined by a vote of accredited delegates to the annual Convention following the recommendations of the Convention committee, for as many years in advance, not exceeding five years, as may be deemed necessary. (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 4)
  15. Convention allocation from district dues
    In keeping with the fact that all clubs and members benefit from the conduct of the annual District Convention, the sum of $1.00 per member shall be allocated from District dues paid by clubs for each of their members. This allocation shall supplement Convention registration fees for the financing of the annual District Convention.
  16. district convention budget and finance report (accounts 120 and 350)
    The Convention budget shall be prepared and approved as a supplement to the District administration’s annual budget and shall be based on statements of receipts and expenditures of previous Conventions. The statement of Convention receipts and disbursements shall be prepared by the District Convention Committee Chair, Governor, District Secretary-Treasurer and Finance Committee, and shall be included in the District’s annual financial statement. Any changes to the original budget must have prior approval of the District Finance Chair.
  17. convention – complimentary Registrations
    The incumbent Governor, incoming Governor, District Secretary-Treasurer, and the two Past Governors serving on the Executive Committee, as well as the official O.I. Representative, shall receive complimentary convention registrations and such shall be anticipated in the Convention budget. Complimentary hotel accommodations shall be provided for the Governor, the incoming Governor and Secretary-Treasurer. If additional complimentary accommodation is required, such accommodation will be allocated by the Governor and should be declared at the start of the administrative year.
  18. international representatives
    The official International Representative to the annual Convention shall be provided with appropriate lodging and this shall be anticipated in the Convention budget.
  19. Convention Duration
    The annual District Convention shall be, at least, a two day event, exclusive of social, recreational or other extra-curricular activities.
  20. Flags, Creed and Banners
    It shall be the policy of the District administration to display at all Conventions the appropriate flags, the District banner and the Optimist Creed banner in the room in which Convention business is conducted.
  21. Gifts – Mementos (Account 450)
    It shall be the policy of this District to present a gift and/or memento to the retiring Governor and to the International Representative at the official visit to the District Convention, the cost of which shall not exceed $250 for the Governor and $150 for the official International Representative. At the International Representative’s official visit to the Quarter Board, a gift will also be presented.
    The Immediate Past Governor shall be responsible for the selection of such gifts or mementos to the retiring Governor and the Governor shall be responsible for the selection of a gift or memento to the International Representative.
  22. Club Hospitality Rooms at Quarter Boards and the District Convention
    All club’s hospitality rooms, or other accommodations serving a like purpose, shall be closed during District business sessions and training sessions.
  23. Convention Program
    The Convention Committee shall prepare, through consultation with the Governor and Governor-Elect, the schedule of Convention events and meetings. The Governor, through consultation with the Governor-Elect, shall prepare the agenda and/or curriculum for all Convention business sessions, leadership development events, forums and meal service events. The Convention schedule and program shall be distributed to all District Officers and Chairs, Past Governors, club Presidents and Secretary-Treasurers not less than 30 days prior to the Convention. The Convention schedule shall include, as a minimum, the following events:
    1. A business session necessary to accomplish the business of the Convention.
    2. All leadership development events for club and District Officers as prescribed by Optimist International.
    3. A meal service event to provide the official International Representative with an opportunity to address assembled delegates and guests.
    4. A recognition banquet featuring the installation of the new District Officers.
  24. Convention Registration Refunds
    All requests for refunds of prepaid Convention registrations must be made in writing by the pre-registered individuals. Such requests for refunds must be received by the Convention Chair or District Secretary-Treasurer on or before the first day of the month of the Convention. No refunds of partial registrations shall be honoured.
  25. Convention Rules
    1. The Convention shall be composed of accredited delegates.
    2. To be accredited by the Credentials Committee and eligible to vote on Convention business, the club President or their designate must have registered at the Convention, produced such credentials as may be required by the Board of Directors, and their club must be in good standing.
    3. The Credentials Committee shall report at the first session thereof and periodically thereafter, or when directed to do so.
    4. The program as printed shall be the official program of the Convention.
    5. Following the report of the Candidate Qualifications Committee, the Governor shall call for other nominations from the floor and then call for the closing of nominations.
    6. If there is more than one candidate, nominating speeches shall be limited to two for each candidate, one of five minutes duration and one of two minutes duration.
    7. If an election is held for Governor-Elect, a ballot vote shall be conducted (see viii below). The Governor shall announce the name of the winner only and then entertain a motion to destroy the ballots.
    8. All other voting shall be by voice, hand or rising vote, at the discretion of the Governor, unless a ballot or roll call is ordered by a majority vote of the accredited delegates. In the event a vote by ballot is ordered, the Governor shall appoint a committee of scrutineers and name its chair. When a vote requires a ballot, each club in good standing shall be entitled to one vote for every 10 members or major fraction thereof (6 or more) based on the official club membership as listed by Optimist International on July 1 of that convention year. At the conclusion of the balloting, the scrutineers shall count the ballots and the chair of the scrutineers shall certify the tabulated results, in writing to the Governor. The Governor shall announce the results and then entertain a motion to destroy the ballot.
    9. No accredited delegate shall be entitled to the floor unless he/she rises, addresses the presiding officer, and gives his/her name and club affiliation.
    10. Debate shall be limited to two minutes a speaker. No accredited delegate shall speak a second time to the same question at the same sitting if another accredited delegate, who has not spoken thereon, rises and asks for the floor.
    11. No accredited delegate shall speak more than twice on the same question if anyone objects.
    12. Main motions shall be put in writing when the Chair so directs.
    13. No motion shall be entertained by the Chair unless seconded, and shall not be open to debate or amendment before the Chair has repeated it.
    14. The vote on a question, once commenced, shall not be interrupted except only to ask that the question be restated by the Chair.
    15. An accredited delegate may change his/her vote from one side to the other provided he/she rises and asks for the floor promptly and before the Chair declares the result final.
    16. No appeal of a decision of the Chair shall be in order unless based on a point of order, and shall be seconded. The vote thereon shall not be put on sustaining the appeal but on sustaining the decision of the Chair. A majority vote in the negative reverses the decision of the Chair.
    17. Not more than two amendments to any question shall be pending at one time, but after disposal of one or both of them, other amendments may be proposed.
    18. The Convention may, to expedite the handling of business, limit, as it chooses, the time or the number of speakers for each side on any question, or the total time for debate, by a two-thirds vote.
    19. Chairs of committees may make partial reports during lull periods of the Convention unless otherwise ordered.
    20. ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER shall govern the Convention proceedings, not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws and these Convention rules.
    21. These Convention rules shall be adopted by a majority vote, but may be suspended, rescinded or amended after their adoption by a two-thirds vote (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 4.)
  26. International Convention
    With due respect to the location and duration of the International Convention, the Governor, Governor-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer shall receive an amount, to be budgeted annually, toward the expense of attendance at the International Convention, excluding those expenses reimbursable by Optimist International. To qualify for this amount, each must attend the training and business sessions appropriate to the position held and be registered at the full Convention and show evidence thereof when submitting his/her expense voucher. (Accounts 500, 550, 555)
    With due respect to the location and duration of the International Convention and available funds, each Lieutenant-Governor-Elect who attends the full International Convention shall participate in the distribution of available funds budgeted annually for the purpose of financial assistance to those Lieutenant-Governors-Elect who attend and are registered for the full Convention. To qualify for this amount, each must attend the training and business sessions appropriate to the position and evidence thereof must be available to the District. (Account 510)
  27. Hospitality Room at International Convention (account 560)
    The District administration may maintain a District Headquarters or hospitality room at the International Convention, the rental of which only, shall be budgeted and chargeable to Account 560 of the Standard District Charts of Accounts.
  28. District Dues
    Each club in the District shall pay for each member as of September 30 and March 31, annual District dues of $13.00 per member, payable October 1 and April 1 of each year, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Optimist International and in accordance with O.I. Bylaws. Annual dues payable by a newly affiliated club shall commence on the first day of the third month following that in which such club is officially organised, such payments to be based on the number of members enrolled on that date. (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 5a, 5b)
    ANY club more than 60 days in arrears for any indebtedness to the District or Optimist International shall be considered not in good standing and shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership during the period of indebtedness. (O.I. Bylaws – Article VIII, Section 4)
  29. Finance Committee – Budget
    The Finance Committee, in consultation with the Incoming Governor and District Secretary-Treasurer, shall prepare the proposed annual budget for submission to the new Executive Committee for recommendation and to the Board for approval at the first meeting of the administrative year. All budgets shall employ the Standard District Charts of Accounts, account numbers, definitions, and required supplements established by Optimist International (O.I. Bylaws – Article VII, Section 5d)
    The Finance Committee shall exercise advisory supervision over all financial transactions, arrange for such financial reports as may be required by the District Board of Directors and Optimist International, arrange for an annual review as soon as possible after September 30 but not later than November 30, and supervise the orderly transfer, before or at the first meeting of the Board of Directors, of all District records and funds from each administration to its successor. (O.I. Bylaws, Article VII, Section 5e)
    The Finance Committee shall consider all proposed budget revisions and proposals for expenditures not previously budgeted or approved, and shall make recommendations thereon to the Executive and/or Board of Directors for approval.
  30. governor’s club visitations
    The Governor shall not be required or expected to visit every club in the District. The Governor’s club visitations shall be limited, at his/her discretion, to charter presentations, zone meetings and such special events as may be conducted by clubs and to which he/she has been invited. In view of the demand upon his/her time and administrative responsibilities, the Governor may delegate or appoint an individual to appear in his/her place instead on such occasions.
  31. New Club Charter Presentations
    Dates and programs for the charter presentation events of new clubs shall be established by joint action of the new club, the new club’s sponsor club, the Governor and the Lieutenant-Governor of the zone. Charters shall be presented by the Governor or his/her appointee. In the event of a charter presentation occurring after the end of the administrative year in which the new club was established, the then Immediate Past Governor shall have the prerogative of presenting the charter.
  32. Gifts to New Clubs
    The District administration shall provide each new club with a complimentary club banner, bell, and gavel, purchased from Optimist International, and a Canadian flag (purchased locally) and shall budget an estimated amount for such purposes annually (Account 440)
  33. New Club Building
    When the Governor receives a New Club Building stake form from a club wishing to build a club in another zone, the Governor should notify the Lieutenant-Governor of that zone where the club is to be built and by whom. In turn, that Lieutenant-Governor will notify all clubs of his/her zone. If there any substantial objections to the stake, they shall be put in writing within seven (7) days to the Governor. The final decision will be made by the Governor, New Club Building Chair and the Lieutenant-Governors of the respective zones.
    1. Sponsoring Club – Minimum Financial Obligation The sponsoring club(s) will be responsible to loan the new club the funds ($400 + $1 for each chartered member) to register the club with Optimist International. All or a portion of this loan may be forgiven at the discretion of the sponsoring club(s). The sponsoring club(s) will be responsible for purchasing the name tags and charter certificate frames for each chartered member. Any additional gifts may be donated by supportive club(s) throughout the District.
    2. Zone Alignment When club(s) build a new club outside of their zone, the new club will be assigned to the Sponsor’s zone for the remainder of the current year. On October 1st, the new club will be assigned to its appropriate zone.
  34. Selection of District Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Governor-Elect, and two immediate available Past Governors. The Immediate Past Governor shall be Chair.
  35. Nominating Procedure
    Functioning under the provisions of the International Bylaws, the Candidate Qualifications Committee shall seek qualify and nominate one or more candidates for the office of Lieutenant-Governor and Governor-Elect, and shall require the following, for the consideration and information of the committee:
    1. A written presentation of the proposed candidate’s background and qualifications for the of office Lieutenant-Governor or Governor-Elect.
    2. A letter from the club(s) of which the proposed candidate is a member indicating that the clubs support of his/her candidacy shall be delivered to the District Candidate Qualifications Chairperson on or before May 1st of the current year. Any nominations received after May 1st of the current Optimist year will not be accepted by the Candidates Qualification Chairperson. Should there be no nominations received by the Candidate Qualifications Chairperson by midnight May 1st of the current Optimist year, the District Candidates Qualification Committee would continue their search for a candidate for the Governor-Elect position. There hall be no nominations from the floor.
    3. To be qualified as a candidate for Governor-Elect, the member must have held or is currently holding the office of Lieutenant-Governor.
  36. International President’s Visitations (Account 360)
    The Governor, at the request of the Optimist International, shall provide a location for the visitation of the International President.
    All plans and arrangements for the International President’s visit shall be under the direct supervision of the Governor and District administration including the provisions of complimentary accommodations, customary courtesies, and a suitable gift or memento of the occasion. The event shall be budgeted and conducted under accounts 130 and 360, and operated on a break-even basis. All clubs in the District shall be invited, at least 30 days in advance, to send representatives to the event. Clubs in the city or area of the visitation, under the leadership of the Lieutenant-Governor, may be invited to provide help for the conduct of the event. The Governor shall designate an official host to the International President’s visit.
  37. International Representatives to District Meetings
    In keeping with the policy of Optimist International to provide an official International Representative to the District Board meeting held in the first quarter of each year, and to the annual District convention the Governor shall issue an invitation, at his/her earliest convenience, to such individuals as soon as their identities are established. Courtesies traditionally provided to the International President, including complimentary accommodations and registration, shall also be provided to such official International Representatives.
  38. District Oratorical Contests
    1. The District shall conduct either a boys and girls oratorical contest or a combined contest each year. The District finals will be held at the time of the third quarter District Board meeting.
    2. ursuant to the policies of Optimist International, all phases of the District contest shall be conducted in strict compliance with International Optimist Oratorical Contest rules.
    3. The District Oratorical Contest Chair shall be responsible for the selection of judges and other details pertinent to the conduct of the contests.
    4. Regional contests are to be conducted under the supervision of and coordinated by the District Oratorical Contest Chair. Responsibility for the organization of zone contests will be assigned to Lieutenant-Governors or zone chairs.
    5. The costs of all transportation, food and lodging while en route to or from zone, regional or District contest shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring club.
    6. The costs of all District trophies, awards and meals for the contestants and judges at the District competition and all authorized receipts and expenditures, shall be budgeted and audited under Accounts 140 and 370. All such items shall be supervised by the District Contest Chair and accountable to the District Secretary-Treasurer who shall record all revenue and expenses.
    7. It shall be the responsibility of the District Oratorical Contest Chair to submit the required materials and information on contest winners to the International Office, within 30 days following the contest. The presentation of the official scholarship award provided by Optimist International shall be made by the Governor, or his/her designate, at the District Convention when possible.
  39. District Policies
    The District Secretary-Treasurer shall provide Optimist International and each member of the District’s Board of Directors with a copy of all District Policies immediately following the first quarter meeting of the Board.
  40. Policy Revisions
    These policies shall be reviewed annually by the District Executive Committee and revised as necessary. All revisions in policies shall be approved by the full Board of Directors.
  41. Travel Expenses – General (accounts 200 through 265)
    Authorized individuals shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in travel on District administration business upon receipt, by the District Secretary-Treasurer, of a properly completed and signed voucher accompanied by a copy of any required report in writing, such as a visitation report, zone meeting report, or Committee Chair reports. Reimbursement shall be at the rate of 20 cents per km. All reimbursements shall be made within the limitations of budgets and available funds.
  42. Travel Expenses – committee Chairs (Account 265)
    District Committee Chairs shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses incurred in attendance at District conference, District Conventions, District Executive Committee and Directors meetings, when specifically requested, by the Governor, to be present and report.
  43. Travel Expenses – Governor (Account 200)
    The Governor shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses when engaged in the execution of the responsibilities of his/her office excluding those occasions reimbursable by Optimist International.
  44. Travel Expenses – Governor-Elect (Designate) (Account 255)
    The Governor-Elect (Designate) shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses incurred in attendance at District conferences, District Board and Executive meetings, District Conventions, and such other occasions and events specifically requested by the Governor.
  45. Travel Expenses – Lieutenant-Governors (Account 210)
    Lieutenant-Governors shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses when engaged in the business of the District administration of Optimist International incurred in required visitations, authorized zone meetings, and charter presentations within their zones, meetings of the District Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and District conferences.
  46. Travel Expenses – Past Governors (account 260)
    The Past Governors serving as members of the District Executive shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses incurred in attendance at meetings of the District Executive Committee, Board of Directors and District Convention.
  47. Travel Expenses – District Secretary-Treasurer (Account 250)
    The District Secretary-Treasurer shall be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses incurred in the execution of the duties of his/her office, attendance at meetings of the District Board of Directors and Executive Committee, District Quarter Boards and Conventions, and such other occasions and events specifically authorized by the Governor.
  48. Reimbursement of Budgeted Expenses
    All budget expense requests by the Executive, Chairpersons or Representatives must be received by the District Secretary/Treasurer no later than September 30 of that administrative year.
  49. Protocol
    Recognition of Officers of the Optimist Organization should be made at official functions such as Charter Presentations, Board meetings, Conventions, etc. For protocol, priorities should be:
    1. President – Optimist International
    2. Vice President – Optimist International
    3. Governor
    4. Governor-Elect (except in matters relating to previous year – see paragraph 31)
    5. Immediate Past Governor
    6. Past Governor (2nd Year)
    7. Secretary-Treasurer
    8. Chair of Finance Committee, Past Governor (3rd Year)
    9. Lieutenant-Governors
    10. District Membership Committee Chair
    11. District New Club Building Chair
    12. All other District Committee Chairs

    It is recommended that recognition also be made of any Past Governors in attendance at Optimist functions.
  50. Protection of Club and District Equipment
    The unauthorized “borrowing” of regalia or equipment from any club or any individual is strongly discouraged. In the event that such an event should occur, it is the personal responsibility of the President of the borrowing club to ensure the return of the equipment/regalia within a reasonable time or his/her club will be held financially responsible for replacement of the items “borrowed”. Similar “borrowing” of District equipment is not permitted.
  51. Conflict of Interest
    The following provisions govern conflicts that may arise between the interests of any District Officers or members of the Executive Committee and the Midwestern Ontario District of Optimist International.
    A conflict of interest with respect to a transaction effected or proposed to be effected by the District exists if:
    1. A member of the Executive Committee or the Finance Committee is known at the time of the commitment to be in a position to personally benefit financially from the transaction; or
    2. The transaction is brought before the Executive Committee or the Finance Committee for action, and the officer or member of the Board knows, at the time of the commitment, that any person has or may have control or unusual influence over a voting member of those committees.
    If any conflict of interest arises, the officer or Board member must disclose in writing to the Finance Committee the existence and nature of the conflict thirty days prior to the transaction.
    A transaction that is not made in good faith or that is not fair to the District shall be null and void and may not be authorized or approved by any persons.
  52. Memorial Donation
    The District shall make a memorial donation of $100 to the Optimist International Foundation of Canada on the occasion of the death of a Governor or Past Governor of the Midwestern Ontario District, or Past Governor of the former Southwestern Ontario or Ontario Districts. [The District banner patch must be applied for through the District.]
  53. Anniversary Recognition
    The District shall recognize the anniversaries of Club charters with the presentation of a certificate of congratulations for each ten years and include the 25th and 75th anniversaries.
  54. Website Photos
    All pictures to be posted on the Midwestern Ontario District website must be accompanied by a consent form signed by all recognizable individuals in each photo. For those under the age of 18 years of age, a consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian. Alcohol shall not be evident in any posted photo.
    When pictures are submitted for the district website, consent forms shall accompany photos.
    Consent forms to be sent to all club Presidents in the first mailing of the new Optimist year.
  55. District Leadership (O.I. Bylaws, Article VII, 3a, b, c)
    1. The District Officers shall be the Governor, the Governor-Elect, the Secretary/Treasurer and the Lieutenant Governors.
    2. The District Executive shall be the District Officers and the two Immediate Past Governors.
    3. The District Board of Directors shall be the District Executive and the Club Presidents.
  56. Ad Hoc Committees
    In the event of creation of an ad hoc committee to solicit funds that the Governor and Governor-Elect would be member of that committee and that they approve of the chairperson.
  57. Volunteer Screening Checks
    The District recommends to all clubs that they consider Volunteer Screening Checks for all existing and new members and new clubs, the cost to be borne by the individual or the club.