Core Executive, Chairs, Representatives
Core Executive
Governor Paul MathiesonStratford ubbuilt[at]
District Secretary Linda AdamsSt Pauls Station bladams[at]
District Treasurer Linda AdamsSt Pauls Station bladams[at]
Immediate Past Governor/Candidates Qualifications Doris HawMeaford rb.haw[at]
Leadership Development/Governor ElectTBA
Finance Jim DandyFergus jdandy[at]
Membership Bill AdamsLondon biladmz[at]
New Club Building Jim BenderTavistock jbender65[at]
Club Fitness Russell HuberTavistock
Convention/QB Chair Gayle HallSouth Bruce Peninsula gaylehall[at]
Convention/QB Registrar Rosalynn WalshLondon rosbraun[at]
Hospitality Co-Host Darcy WalshLondon bud4chevyfan[at]
Rosalynn WalshLondon rosbraun[at]
Achievement and Awards Marg RappMount Forest rapps[at]
Communication /
District Bulletin
April WallLondon april[at]
Club ActivitiesTBA
Essay Contest ChairTBA
Oratorical Contest Chair Patricia ShackLondon pmuir62[at]
Roberta PipeCambridge robertapipe[at]
Spelling Bee ChairTBA
S.T.R.E.A.M./Robotics Chair Darcy WalshLondon bud4chevyfan[at]
H.O.B.Y. Steve PolhillLondon stevepolhill[at]
Host and Hostess Mark KerrKitchener ccmkerr[at]
JOOI/Youth ClubsTBA
Junior Golf Robert RanickLondon r.ranick[at]
Webmaster Victor NegliaBreslau vic[at]
International Convention Ambassador Doris HawMeaford rb.haw[at]
Canadian Children's Optimist Foundation Rep Warren BechtholdPetersburg bwbech[at]
Spread Relief Funds
Previously Childhood Cancer
Lyle BenderTavistock Lyleobender[at]
Steven McDonaldBaden newdundeesteve[at]
Warren BechtholdPetersburg bwbech[at]