Childhood Cancer

The Childhood Cancer Campaign (CCC) is an Optimist program that all clubs are encouraged to support.  The mission of the CCC is “to rid the world of childhood cancer”.  Clubs can support the CCC in many ways such as:

  • giving financial and/or other support to the family of a child with cancer
  • giving funds to a hospital or health centre for research or to help buy equipment
  • making a donation to camps such as Camp Trillium or Camp Quality, to enable children with cancer and their families to enjoy a camping experience.
  • making a donation to organizations such as Childcan, that provide financial and other support to families
  • donating to the Canadian Childhood Cancer Campaign fund

Optimist clubs raise funds in many different ways and use the the CCC Operations Manual, found on the OI website, as a resource for background information, fundraising ideas, and more.

See: Optimist International Web Site.



Midwestern Ontario Optimist District (46) of Optimist International, 2019/2020