District Goals

Midwestern Ontario District Goals for 2017 – 2018

Trucking Forward – Another Cool Move for Optimism


  • To increase communications with the use of social media and phone to keep the members better informed as to what is going on within the district.
  • To bring more harmony and spirit within the Midwestern Ontario District.
  • To encourage the use of NOW Events at least twice per year for each club.
  • Increase the awareness of the programs that are available for the youth.
  • To build 5 new clubs (1 in the first quarter, 2 in the second, and 1 in both the third and fourth quarters).
  • To increase the MWO District membership to net plus 50.
  • To take a more active role with the Club Fitness chair to ensure that our membership retention is 90%.
  • To increase communications between the district and the clubs as well as between the clubs within and outside of their zones.
  • To have unrestricted donations to the CCOF of $25,000.
  • To have at least 25% of the members of Midwestern Ontario District taking part in the Dime a Day  program.
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